Inspection – check, Insurance – check………

Following 3 hectic weeks I am finally sitting down to update the blog – the lack of posts guilt has been killing me!

I do have a good excuse. Sue and I have been working frantically to get everything ready for the 2nd of October, our first official job. The last few weeks have been spent arranging the inspections from the council to review and approve our kitchens, sorting out specialist insurance, stocking up on produce and equipment, printing business cards and menus and other exciting stuff. Pleased to report that we’re now all sorted!

Firstly the inspections. Both Sue and I have been visited by the same lady from the local council. And in both cases the inspections turned out to be much less stressful than feared. We have spoken with the council in the past, so we roughly knew what was expected from each kitchen. I was asked to seal some gaps around the worktops and tiles. Sue had to fit self-closing hinges on the downstairs bathroom’s door. We both decided to have our ovens professionally cleaned.With our kitchens thoroughly scrubbed, equipped with professional kitchen thermometers and with the contents of cupboards and fridges re-arranged to adhere to food safety standards we awaited the inspections. We both got an approval! We will still be inspected on a regular basis to ensure that we maintain the safety standards but the most important thing was that we were ok to start. Only downside is that our ovens are now so clean it’s almost a shame to use them…

With the green light from the council we had to look at insurance. Our accountant has recommended a broker with expertise in specialist insurance policies. At roughly £25 per month this came slightly cheaper than we expected and we are now fully covered. We’re also in the process of opening a company bank account.
We needed business cards as well. Luckily, I know a very talented graphic designer – my Mum:) Since she designed our logo and the general branding, she knew exactly how the cards should look. We used to print them out. They are not the cheapest on the market but the quality was worth the extra £. We ordered a sample pack a few weeks before, and we fell in love with the paper and the finishing. Our cards arrived just in time – a day before the first job!

It’s weird how holding that small piece of paper with your details on makes it feel so much more real. And gives you a sense of pride.

So that’s it. There are no excuses. Off we go to conquer the world and taste buds.

We have two jobs behind us already and so far we have loved every minute. We will let you in on all the details in the next post:)