Christmas Lunch and Beyond

So we are nearly at the end of another year – its been busy (which is good) and I’ve not really stuck to my New Year’s Resolution to blog (which is bad) – ah well there is always next year.  There is still more cakes to make before the year is out – actually a really lovely one with the surprise of a holiday to Florida revealed on it which is going to be given on Christmas Day – what a fantastic present.  Then of course, the attention turns to our own Christmas lunch – which needs a list drawing up pretty soon to make sure everyone’s requests are taken into account, including my own which is definitely for bread sauce which I love and no one else seems to like, which I always make too much of and which I end up throwing out on Boxing Day – however, I’m still making it!  Just in case you feel the urge to also indulge in some delicious bread sauce making of your own, Delia’s recipe is my top tip – here’s a link to her recipe

Sample Menus) its going to be busy but before that its time to reach for the mulled wine and mince pies!  (Here’s a link to the best mince pie pastry –

Happy Christmas


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