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Two is a Team!

I’ve gone quiet for couple of weeks, but not for the lack of things going on at the headquarters. I’ve actually been bringing to life a plan of attracting a partner in crime and I am super excited to say that I’ve succeeded! From now on the Rustic Caterer is a team of two!

Sue, a fantastic baker, cake maker and all-round foodie has agreed to join me in running the catering business. Some of you had a chance to taste Sue’s creations at the various social gatherings. Her Peter Rabbit cupcake tower has a special place in the dessert history 🙂 I am therefore immensely happy that we will be able to offer her products to our customers. And it will be so much more fun doing this as a team!

From now on we will both be documenting our endeavours, culinary and logistic, on this blog. In the last week or so we had a confirmation of our first 3 jobs staring from October! We will be writing about them in more detail very soon.

Peter Rabbit Cupcake Tower
Peter Rabbit Cupcake Tower

The realisation dawned on me that it’s really happening now. And there is a million and one thing to sort out before we can legally cater food. Over the coming weeks we will be registering the company, sorting out insurance, finding suppliers, printing business cards, preparing the website, working on our menu, getting hold of equipment, and most likely many, many other things that we haven’t yet thought of.

Weirdly, now that everything is kicking off, I am charged with extra energy, no idea where from.   Especially since plans and whirlwind of thoughts (and often JoJo) are keeping me awake at night.

Bring on October!

The doubt – can I actually do this..??

It’s been with me since I can remember. Accompanying every major decision I ever made, from choosing university, getting married, to deciding if I’m ready for a baby. The doubt. Am I ready? Can I do this? Is this the right choice or a mistake? Will I fail, and if I do, can I survive the failure?

I don’t really mind this doubt. In all honesty, I have learnt to ignore it most of the time. If I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t have taken the step into any big change in my life. But this coming challenge has given me the biggest doubt to date.

I love food. Food shopping, food cooking, food eating. And I love entertaining.  Nothing gets me as excited as planning a dinner party. For years now I’ve been wondering if there is any chance I could make a living from combining these passions.  But life took me on a different journey. I studied tourism, got a summer job at a marketing company, moved to London and joined a big media agency, which turned into a 6 years career in online marketing. Then I became a mum, and everything I knew about myself shifted.  I no longer cared about promotions, recognition, the next project. But at the same time I didn’t want my life to be all about nappies and baby talk. I have huge admiration for full time mums, but I felt that I was drowning under the ever growing nappy pile. And I realised that what I really want my son to have, is a fulfilled mummy , who didn’t compromise on her dreams. And the dream was to put food to work.

I am also extremely lucky to have a husband who gives me not only moral support, in all my endeavours, but also, since  I went on maternity leave, financial support . And when time came for my maternity leave to finish, and for decisions to be made regarding my job situation, D encouraged me to do the unthinkable, leave the comfortable career in media, and try my strength in professional catering.

So here I am. About to embark on one of the biggest journeys to date. A journey to start my own catering business, from the security of my kitchen. I’m as always filled with doubt and fear. Will I be good enough? Will people like my food? Will I get orders and deliver to expectations? But I am also filled with  amazing excitement and anticipation. I am finally doing this! I am making food my work. I might fail, but ohh, how I can’t wait to give it a go!