And…we’re off!

The last few weeks have exceeded our expectations on every level. The speed with which things have taken off, the amount of work required to get everything set up, the time it takes to plate up 100 portions of food, and the fact that we can still function after a 24 hour spell in the kitchen.

Our catering blog has suffered profoundly from the lack of time but we have come a long way since the last update. We now have a website, business cards, leaflets and company bags 🙂 We’ve found local suppliers for eggs, honey, vegetables and meat. We’ve gathered almost all required equipment and practiced numerous new recipes. We’ve also been busy with new business.

We are now the regular supplier of sweet and savory bakes for the Waterloo Farm Shop near Market Harborough where we participate in a monthly Taster event. We have catered a Ploughman’s Supper to a 100 people attending a lecture in Fotheringhay. We provided a buffet for an event of 80 guests couple of weeks ago. We took part in the Fotheringhay Christmas and Crafts Fair (and sold out of all items by lunchtime!). We are in talks about numerous future jobs including a wedding for 100 guests!

We’ve had many sleepless nights, drank gallons of coffee, our kitchens often resemble a battle field. Our husbands have been living on cheese on toast and ready meals whilst we prepared yummy dishes for the orders.

We’ve probably aged 10 years in those few months, but we’ve never felt better. It’s such a cliché but doing something you love really does awaken a superpower of energy and motivation.

And it feels like the journey is only just starting.